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Hyena is Emerson College’s oldest satire organization. The group was established in 1576, 200 years before America was founded and 304 years before Emerson became a college. Actually, wait, sorry, we were copying from the wrong Wikapedia page. Here’s Hyena’s real history.

Hyena Comedy is in charge of publishing Emerson College’s oldest satire newspaper and magazine. Hyena was founded in 1979, and writes and distributes a paper called the Freakin’ Beakin’. Satirizing not only the Emerson Community but all aspects of life that can be satirical (so all aspects of life), Hyena’s works include pieces in form of listicles to pros to pseudo news articles. As our sister paper’s* motto goes “All the News That’s Fit to Print…When the Toner is Almost Out, So Not that Much News.”

*it’s a one sided sisterhood program with the Orlando Orca Newsletter.

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 E-mail: hyena.emerson@gmail.com

“You’d think a contact section would have more than just an e-mail address, and yet… here we are.”


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